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Strong short term support for EUR/USD at 1.11

Strong short term support for EURUSD at

Strong short term support for EUR/USD at 1.11 The most favorite currency pair remains unable to gather traction on Monday, relegating EUR/USD to the 1.1100 neighbourhood the Wall Street open. Despite the prevailing selling interest on EUR, the forex pair manages quite well to keep the 1.1100 handle, a break of which could allow a ...

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How to Draw Trend Lines

How to Draw Trend Lines If you want  to draw an upward trend, choose two ascending low points and join them with a straight line to make an upward trend line. In a downward trend, choose two descending high points and join them with a straight line to create a ...

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Forex Trend Trading

Trend Trading Forex traders who search for a method that is low maintenance while allowing for access to nice market moves usually turn to trend trading. Trend trading is a strategy that allows you to take advantage of the big currency market moves while ignoring the small moves in hopes ...

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Support and Resistance Lines

What is Support and Resistance? What Does Support Mean? A support level is the price at which buyers are expected to enter the market in sufficient numbers to take control from sellers. The market has a memory. When price falls to a Low and then rallies, buyers who missed out ...

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Forex Trading Tips

It’s proved and highly recommended not to trade on Mondays or after holidays, when the market has recently awaken Respect your stop order and don’t move it “cherishing hopes” Running two or more open trades gives an option to close some positions earlier and keep others running for higher profits. ...

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