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Meet The Spanish Pro Trader who is revolutionizing the market

Did you see this? A Spanish Banke who trade professional since 1992 shares his trades at Telegram and help many people Achieve Financial Freedom, check out the incredible story.”

This guy is not the type that makes a noise as other traders on Instagram. posting with a laptop on a beach, driving a Lamborghini, showing his watch collections, drinking champagne in private jet even having dinner in an expensive restaurant… But, he achieves all this for his customers.

This 45-year-old Spaniard came from a humble family who immigrated to Germany in the 70s.
At the age of 17, he started working in the Frankfurt finance market and already trade then Dax30 warrants. When he turned 23, he returned to Spain being then the youngest branch manager in this country till today where he´s still working as Investment Manager.

A while ago, he started sharing his trades with family and friends and things become bigger with him garnering more than 2 thousand monthly followers on his Telegram channel “Dax30 + Dow Jones Signals”. This Spaniard has achieved numerous success by testing layouts, platforms, and he is happy to have achieved remarkable success. He has been trusted by lots of individuals to help drive meaningful results and revenue through his trading signals.

What sets him apart from other Forex Signal Provider? Even this: He does not provide Forex signals! He’s the first in the market who provides Stockmarket indices Trading signals for Dax30 and US Dow Jones with impressive results. His strategy is a secret even he renege on offers to buy it. What’s more,  he only reveals that his algorithm has a success rate of 88%. “There seems to be an interest in the messages I receive from Asia who request trading signals for the Hang Seng or Nikkei, so probably I will also incorporate signals in those markets”. He said.

Anyone with a desire to live the life of their dreams should not hesitate to get in touch with him ASAP.

How to Pick a Forex Signal Provider

What is Forex Trading Signal?

A forex trading signal is specific information about a particular forex pair (EURUSD – USDJPY GBPUSD, etc.). The signal is a recommendation for entering a position on a currency pair, usually at a specific price and time, take profit and stop loss targets. The trading signal can also include extra information like charts, graphs and market analysis. A Forex signal provider is a service, usually on a subscription basis (monthly or yearly), where a provider sends forex trading signals to subscribers to trade on. A good FX signal service does all the research and analysis of the forex pairs trying to find the best trade setups, which are then transmitted in the form of trading signals to their clients. 

Categories of Trading Signal Providers

Foreign exchange signal providers may provide the signals for free, or they may require a weekly, monthly or yearly fee. Signal services use technical analysis to generate forex signals, or fundamental analysis to provide their trading fx signals.

Technical analysis is the analysis of graphs and forex charts, looking at moving averages, candlesticks, flags, areas of support and areas of resistance, and other technical indicators. Technical analysis believe that recent and historical price action as seen on price charts should be the primary means to determine forex future price direction of a forex pair. The most intellectual foreign exchange signal providers have their own prop trading systems that produce these signals based on years of historical testing and quant research.

Foreign exchange signals services that provide forex trading signals based on fundamental analysis rely on the fundamentals of the economy and news reports from FED or ECB such as interest rates, GDP, inflation rates, unemployment rates, and central bank announcements to help them make trading related decisions.

What to Look for When Choosing a Forex Signal Provider

Investors need to pay attention to all details regarding a signal service. So what are the factors to look for when trying to find the best forex signals provider? Here are some tips:

Age of the account

The first thing to look for when choosing a Foreign exchange signals provider is the age of the account. Start searching by looking at signal service providers who have a track record of at least three years. This will tell you the experience of the trader who is managing the signals. It will also show you how consistent the FX signal provider has been in the last three years of trading.

Check for verified trading results and proven track record

A track-record ensures that the claimed performance is real and is good if it is verified by an independent third-party, such as eToro , Myfxbook, FX Blue or ForexFactory etc. Some signal providers publish hypothetical or simulated track-records of their signals, which mean that their signals weren’t traded in the real market. Those records can be different from real track-records, and show that the FX signal provider doesn’t trade his own signals. Another major consideration is whether the signal provider uses a demo account or real account to trade the signals.

Consistent Profits – Signals have to be profitable

Before using any forex signals service, traders need to make sure it has a good track record. The best signals service provider must produce good, consistent trading results. Many signal providers claim to catch up to a few thousand pips per month, but without a verified track-record those numbers shouldn’t be taken seriously. Furthermore, if a provider “guarantees” a fixed amount of pips per month, you should delete that provider from your list. Nobody in this world can guarantee profits, and this is an early warning sign.


When comparing the performance of Forex signal services, you must look at the pips earned rather than percentage return. The reason for this is that percentage returns can be misleading as different leverage amounts will provide different percentage gain data.

You must check the number of positive pips per transaction and compare them to the number of negative pips per position. Then compare the results to the total win ratio. Also, you should check how many weeks on average a forex service provider has gains against how many weeks it has losses.

An important criterion is to find how many entry positions the forex signal service is offering. Most reliable signal providers will manage to balance the quantity of trading opportunities with the total transaction fees of the forex account. If the FX signal service is providing a big number of signals with arrow profit targets, you have to be cautious, this should be a warning and signals that making profits with that signal provider will be a difficult story.  

Win Rates

Most professional forex signal services will only provide an entry signal that has an advantageous return to risk profile. That is the correct approach to trade the forex pairs. So these investors can make steady profits even with 30%, 40% or 50% win rates. Reliable forex strategy services have a consistent performance record and obviously they are not profitable every month, but in the long term they show consistent positive results.

Traders must also analyze the average risk to reward in conjunction with win rate. There are strategies with 95% win rates that can lose money and there are also strategies with 25% win rates that can make money. It is all relative, so don’t let win rates fool you.


Drawdown is the high-to-low decline in equity that an investor has in a certain period.  Some investors refuse to take the losses from a position failing to use any stop loss.  The trader keeps open the losing position waiting a reversal in the market.  Turning a negative position into a winner sounds great, but it will destroy your margin and may never turn to gains. 

Some signals look really good because they risk hundreds of pips to only make 5 or 10 pips in profit. This approach works well over a short period, but signals like this nearly always blow up eventually. A successful FX signals service will not only provide excellent returns in terms of portfolio growth but will accomplish this with reasonable drawdowns.

Demo and free trial

Any reliable signal provider must offer a free or at small fee trial period to test and verify their service. If you can’t get a trial period, most likely the services are not transparent, real and reliable. Try not to use such services. If anyone is confident in what he is doing, he will definitely offer you a demo account first.

Any graphs and analysis sent together with the signals is a great feature as they help in understanding the signals and offer valuable learning material. This learning material can also be used as a great educational resource to learn from, especially if you’re looking to become an independent forex trader. The signal service provider should also have strict risk management guidelines in place and keep you updated on any changes on the trade setup.

Money management

Many forex signal providers actually use a forex penny account. A cent account, as the name implies allows you to trade just in cents. This means that in trading there is very little risk. Copying trades from that kind of account to your real trading account with thousand USD in equity can be a bad investment. Pay attention to the trading equity of the FX signals provider.

Researching and analyzing how the signals service trades (based on their trading record) will give you a lot more insight. The bottom line is that traders need to also focus on the money management strategy of the signals provider and not just how much returns they generate.


An important factor to consider also is the software and tools a forex signal service is using. Do they have robust software to send out signal notifications and are they offering different channels for you to receive the trading signals on time? Another factor to check is the details that the forex signals provide. Do the signals always provide profit targets and stop loss figures or do they only provide just entry points but no exit points?


The Forex signal provider first of all has to be profitable and have a verified track record, ideally by a third independent party. Even if the forex signal provider does have verified results, make sure to open first a free forex signals trial account to assess the quality of the signals in real-time trading. You also need to make sure that the type of trades and times at which they are sent out suit your personal trading style and time-zone.

Finally, always do your own research, check online reviews and get a free trial period before you buy any trading signal service.

Forex Technical analysis week: 9-13 October 2017

Forex Technical analysis week: 9-13 October 2017


GBPUSD regains bullish momentum breaking above the 50 hour moving average and also breaking above the 50 daily moving average after rumors that EU may offer UK a 2 year transition period, stay long as the pair is trading above 1.32


EURUSD keeps the positive momentum today for third day as EUR relief came from Catalunia president. Short term bullish is well intact as the pair trades above the hourly averages and now is testing the 50 day moving average, a break above will give the bulls the upper hand targeting 1.1862.


GBPUSD made an impressive rally today gaining more than 100 pips from the lows at 1.3073. Consistent bids send the price higher to the first resistance level at the 100 hour MA at 1.3183 but the lack of volume gave the opportunity to sellers to take control, a move back to 1.31 area looks possible.



EURUSD is trading higher for third day after it managed to find support at 1.1695. The pair has broken above the 50h MA today and reached the 100h MA at 1.1738. EUR was very strong today against USD despite strong NFP data.

For now next resistance is at 1.1830, support could be found at 1.1695 (low Oct 3) and 1.1662 (low Aug 17).

I am watching short term action closely as the bullish momentum on the daily chart is still intact, but I believe reading the short term signals suggest for a move to 1.15.


USDJPY is trading in narrow 105 pip trading range for the last week. The price is trading below the 100h MA and finds support at 112.45, the 200h MA.  The biggest driver is the Fed rates decision in December and also Donald’s Trump tax reform which supports the US Dollar.  First resistance is 113.26 and then 113.82. A break below 112.45 will be bearish and can drive the price down to 111.75.


EURUSD is trading higher for second day after it managed to find support at 1.1695. The pair has broken above the 100h MA and reach today 1.1779. Stay long as long as the pair is trading above 1.1762.

For now next resistance is at 1.1830, support could be found at 1.1695 (low Oct 3) and 1.1662 (low Aug 17)




Smart trading tips

  • Remember that forex trends can continue for a long time, even if fundamentals start to change.


  • A good broker will always oŽer a variety of Deposit & Withdrawal methods, including localized solutions.


  • Complex trading strategies cause confusion and frustration. You will make less mistakes if you stick to a simple one.


  • Forex trading isn’t a get rich scheme. If someone promises you huge profits overnight, turn around and walk away.


  • Volatility increases as markets overlap. 8AM GMT and 15PM GMT are the busiest periods to trade.


  • The timeframe you use determines how long to hold a trade. If you use an hourly chart you must hold for at least an hour.


  • When volatility sinks below its average, an explosive move is not far away. Watch out for the turns.


  • If you want to make money in the markets you need to face your fears and you need to pull the trigger.


  • If emotions get in the way of your trading, try back-testing a system to improve your confidence.


  • Trading in the zone requires nothing but the three P’s: preparation, practice and perseverance.


  • You should trade small enough so that you won’t go broke but large enough to make it worthwhile.


  • Beware of EAs and black box systems that claim to beat the markets. They won’t continue to win forever.


  • Don’t go full time until you can consistently pay yourself a wage and you have 3 months wages saved up.


  • The market has no personality and doesn’t need to change, the way you approach the market needs to change.


  • Beware of anyone who tries tosell you a system. If the system was that good they wouldn’t be selling it.


  • Don’t chase unrealistic returns. 1% a day is unsustainable on so many levels. 1% a month is more realistic.


  • Whether your goal is to make a living wage, start a fund or get hired, the important thing is to have one.


  • Forex markets only trend 40% of the time so you must have a strategy for whatever the market is doing.


  • Always know when central bankers are meeting and what traders are expecting them to announce.


  • Demo trading is useful but it doesn’t prepare you for live trading. Emotions become stretched when money is on the line.


  • If you’re not in the zone, trading can be torturous. If you have balance in your life, trading becomes fun again.


  • Before you get into a trade, know where you want to get out. Have a stop in your mind or a stop in the market.


  • If you hear yourself wishing or hoping a trade goes your way, it’s time to get out and rethink your strategy.


  • If you’ve been trading forex and you haven’t learnt good money management, it’s time to go back to the start.


  • Forex trading should be treated with the upmost professionalism.


  • The key to successful trading is defense, defense, defense. And when you’re in position, the occasional offense.


  • Trading requires consistency and discipline. Don’t forget the numbers until you’ve learnt those two things.


  • Pivot points are important levels watched by forex traders all over the world. They should always be considered.


  • Moving averages can be used in a variety of ways, such as smoothing volume or other technical indicators.


  • Simple indicators can work just as well as complicated ones so conquer those first before you move on.


  • RSI above 70 signals the market is overbought, below 30 the market is oversold. Learn to trade the extremes.


  • Don’t dwell on the past. Forget about your losses and missed opportunities and look forward to your next trade.


Forex tips and ideas

  • Traders often fail because they don’t learn from mistakes. Keep a diary of trades to discover what works and what doesn’t.


  • Setting limit orders and stop/loss orders takes emotion out of the equation and ensures trading discipline.


  • Trade small amounts when you are a beginner. Grow your account balance through profits, not deposits.


  • Don’t set a stop loss order too close to the opening position price. Normal market volatility can trigger it if you do.


  • Don’t chase a losing position out of emotion. Stick to your trading plan and don’t throw good money after bad.


  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Study other forex traders’ strategies to see what works and what doesn’t.


  • High leverage isn’t free money. Manage your money wisely and stick to low leverage. That’s what the successful pros do.


  • Forex trading isn’t gambling. Look for steady profits rather than hunting a few big wins.


  • Plan all your trades in detail before you make them, otherwise emotions can lead to bad decisions later on.


  • Don’t hold too many open positions at the same time. Unless you automate them all, you will end up being overwhelmed.


  • There isn’t a single perfect trading strategy. The most important thing is to pick one that suits your personality.


  • When you are following a trend, use a trailing stop to lock in your profits.


  • Some currency pairs are volatile and others are relatively stable. Choose the pairs that best suit your risk profile.


  • Technical analysis is well-suited to short-term analysis, while fundamental analysis may be useful in the longer term.


  • Weekends are a good time to learn from your past week’s trading and to plan for the week ahead.


  • If you find yourself getting tired, angry or frustrated when trading, take a break to get yourself back under control.


  • If you keep positions open for a long time, be aware of rollover charges. Some accounts charge these each day at 5 PM EST.


  • Pay attention to economic calendars. Surprises in GDP and other data can move the market quickly.


  • Make market analysis part of your daily routine. It’s better to make a few informed trades than many random ones.


  • Successful traders study their craft. If you are a beginner, consider taking an online course to master the basics.


  • When starting out, study a single currency pair. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trading multiple pairs.


  • Don’t let greed turn a profit into a loss. Stick to your trading plan and don’t let emotions get in the way.


  • Remember that your goal is to make long-term profits. Don’t let a single good or bad day change the way you trade.


  • Not all forex trading advice is good advice. Filter your inputs carefully based on the reputation of the source.


  • You can learn from other traders, so share your experiences. However, make your own decisions since it’s your money.


  • Set stop/loss and limit orders to reflect your tolerance for risk. The further apart they are, the more risk there is.


  • If someone has a way of doubling their money each week, then why would they tell you? Stick to proven strategies.


  • Automate your trading whenever you can. This will stop your emotions from doing damage when you have an open position.


  • There is no such thing as a guaranteed profit. Remember that small losses that you planned for are wins as well.


  • Choose a reputable forex broker that offers you trading conditions and currency pairs that match your trading strategy.


  • Boredom is no reason to open a position. Be patient and look for real trading opportunities.


  • Volatility is an opportunity for both profit and loss. Converging Bollinger Bands often indicate volatility ahead.


  • Don’t get overconfident when you have a big win. Stick to your trading strategy and don’t take reckless risks.


  • Interest rates, employment and geopolitical events are the main factors to consider in fundamental analysis.


  • Don’t go against trends unless you have the financial and mental strength to survive a long string of losses.



  • You make the best trading decisions when you are healthy and rested. Get plenty of sleep and exercise.


  • If you over-leverage your trades, there is a real risk that you will be forced to exit a position at the wrong time.


  • Pay attention to the spread between the bid and ask. This can change and make the difference between profit and loss.


  • If you start out by making simulated forex trades, remember that real trading is very different because of emotions.


  • You will often find the highest trading volumes when New York opens in the morning and Europeans come back from lunch.


  • Always plan your exit strategy up front. At what rate will you cash out winners, and when will you cut your losses?


  • Always look at the potential downside of any trade and plan to limit your losses if the worst happens.


  • When manufacturing economies such as China grow, commodity-based currencies such as CAD and AUD often rise.


  • Don’t just rely on technical or fundamental analysis. Successful traders take both into account before they trade.


  • Study horizontal support and resistance levels. Look for price action at these to find high-probability opportunities.

Forex Trading Signals and Robots

Forex Trading Signals and Robots

Forex trading signals are used by Foreign exchange traders around the world to help them in making critical decisions about their investments. There are many different types of FX signals systems, some are offered for free while others for a fee but take in mind that a trustworthy service should include information about Take Profit and Stop Loss orders. Using a free signals system with a demo account is a great way to test your ability to earn money before risking any real money out of your pocket. Once you feel comfortable that you can earn money with your demo account feel free to move on to a real account and make some real money.

When working with a trading signals system consider trades with longer time frames as that is where they are most useful.

The majority of signal providers focus on supplying signals based on technical analysis and a minority work on fundamental analysis or price action.


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