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Israel – Gaza Live Updates

A video of the Islamic Republic parliament where they’re chanting death to Israel and America

According to Israel Defense Forces IDF:
3,000+ rockets launched by Hamas
20+ communities in southern Israel invaded by Hamas terrorist operatives.
Israeli civilians and soldiers have been abducted within Israel and taken hostage
200+ casualties

Israel air force bomb!ng a building in Gaza, Palestine 

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu tells Gaza residents to “GET OUT NOW” as he vows to use all IDF capabilities to destroy Hamas.

As night falls, Israel is cutting off all electricity to the Gaza Strip

A very long line of Israeli tanks is heading south. The start of a ground invasion of Gaza is just a matter of time

India issues advisory for its nationals in Israel following Hamas rocket attack

Hamas launches surprise attack on Israel

Israel declares state of war after Hamas launches ‘5,000 rockets and attacks with ground troops’