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Meet The Spanish Pro Trader who is revolutionizing the market

This will be interesting for you! A Spanish Banker who is in this business since 1992 at some point decided to share his private trades on Telegram to help others getting into trading as well. Check out this incredible story.

This guy is not of the type that makes a lot of noise on Instagram, posting expensive cars and watches, suggesting that becoming a millionaire is easy and just a question of a couple of trades.

This 45-year-old Spaniard comes from a humble family who immigrated to Germany in the 1970s.
At the age of 17, he started working in the Frankfurt finance market and already then, he traded Dax30 warrants. After six years of learning all the bits and pieces of banking, he returned to Spain as one of the youngest bank managers in the country, where he’s still working as an Investment Manager.

A while ago, when he started sharing his trades with family and friends, his private Telegram channel quickly grew to a large number of subscribers, which have all achieved remarkable results. Since then, he has helped many individuals to get their desired revenue through trading.

When asked about the secret behind his impressive results? He said: “There is no secret, but you need to know and understand how trading really works.” One needs to understand that 95% of Forex traders are Retail Traders, and only 5% are Banks. In terms of trading volume, it is just the opposite, so it’s the banks who move this market. As a result, 95% of retail traders lose money. Only a few retail traders know about the fundamental structure of the markets, order flow, supply & demand imbalances, institutional order blocks, etc.

After long discussions he finally agreed to share the address of his Telegram channel. For interested people, go check it out and judge for yourself: t.me/Unicotradingsystem

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