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Smart trading tips

  • Remember that forex trends can continue for a long time, even if fundamentals start to change.


  • A good broker will always oŽer a variety of Deposit & Withdrawal methods, including localized solutions.


  • Complex trading strategies cause confusion and frustration. You will make less mistakes if you stick to a simple one.


  • Forex trading isn’t a get rich scheme. If someone promises you huge profits overnight, turn around and walk away.


  • Volatility increases as markets overlap. 8AM GMT and 15PM GMT are the busiest periods to trade.


  • The timeframe you use determines how long to hold a trade. If you use an hourly chart you must hold for at least an hour.


  • When volatility sinks below its average, an explosive move is not far away. Watch out for the turns.


  • If you want to make money in the markets you need to face your fears and you need to pull the trigger.


  • If emotions get in the way of your trading, try back-testing a system to improve your confidence.


  • Trading in the zone requires nothing but the three P’s: preparation, practice and perseverance.


  • You should trade small enough so that you won’t go broke but large enough to make it worthwhile.


  • Beware of EAs and black box systems that claim to beat the markets. They won’t continue to win forever.


  • Don’t go full time until you can consistently pay yourself a wage and you have 3 months wages saved up.


  • The market has no personality and doesn’t need to change, the way you approach the market needs to change.


  • Beware of anyone who tries tosell you a system. If the system was that good they wouldn’t be selling it.


  • Don’t chase unrealistic returns. 1% a day is unsustainable on so many levels. 1% a month is more realistic.


  • Whether your goal is to make a living wage, start a fund or get hired, the important thing is to have one.


  • Forex markets only trend 40% of the time so you must have a strategy for whatever the market is doing.


  • Always know when central bankers are meeting and what traders are expecting them to announce.


  • Demo trading is useful but it doesn’t prepare you for live trading. Emotions become stretched when money is on the line.


  • If you’re not in the zone, trading can be torturous. If you have balance in your life, trading becomes fun again.


  • Before you get into a trade, know where you want to get out. Have a stop in your mind or a stop in the market.


  • If you hear yourself wishing or hoping a trade goes your way, it’s time to get out and rethink your strategy.


  • If you’ve been trading forex and you haven’t learnt good money management, it’s time to go back to the start.


  • Forex trading should be treated with the upmost professionalism.


  • The key to successful trading is defense, defense, defense. And when you’re in position, the occasional offense.


  • Trading requires consistency and discipline. Don’t forget the numbers until you’ve learnt those two things.


  • Pivot points are important levels watched by forex traders all over the world. They should always be considered.


  • Moving averages can be used in a variety of ways, such as smoothing volume or other technical indicators.


  • Simple indicators can work just as well as complicated ones so conquer those first before you move on.


  • RSI above 70 signals the market is overbought, below 30 the market is oversold. Learn to trade the extremes.


  • Don’t dwell on the past. Forget about your losses and missed opportunities and look forward to your next trade.


60 Seconds Strategy Binary Options

60 Seconds Strategy Binary Options

60 seconds strategy binary options is options, which have expiry time is one minute. It means, that you purchase option and already after one minute will have result.


Trade by 60 seconds turbo-options became so popular – and experienced traders and beginners work with it. Precisely this options allow to get ultrafast profit, and it size limited only by size of bet, that you made. For one minute you can win until 90 % from invest.


Minute binary options have their undeniable advantages: it’s possibility to trade in any time (session), carry out a lot of transactions for short time (increasing chance to win), unreal big selection of platform-brokers, which offer rather advantageous conditions (bonuses, big selection of assets, absence of commission).


You can use many strategies in trade by 60 seconds binary options, because they available for many methods. But approach, in any case, is a little bit different: you need to take decisions too fast, and instantly react on situation on market.


More information: FraudBroker.com – http://fraudbroker.com/60-seconds-strategy-binary-options/

Economic & Forex Data Scheduled For Tuesday

Economic & Forex Data Scheduled For Tuesday

  • Data on international trade for October will be released at 8:30 a.m. ET.
  • Data on non-farm productivity and unit labor costs for the third quarter will be released at 8:30 a.m. ET.
  • The Johnson Redbook Retail Sales Index for the latest week is schedule for release at 8:55 a.m. ET.
  • Data on factory orders for October will be released at 10:00 a.m. ET.
  • The Treasury is set to auction 4-and 52-week bills at 11:30 a.m. ET.


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How to trade GBP/USD

How to trade GBP/USD

Enough is enough and the fundamentals can’t change!
Every single time since April, a break above the blue trend-line is followed by a break back below it.
GBP/USD opened higher in early forex Asian trading Monday as the first poll taken after the murder of opposition lawmaker J. Cox showed the campaign for the U.K to remain in the EU was gaining momentum. With the vote due this Thursday, the pound gained in the latter part of last week after referendum campaigning was suspended following Cox’s death.
At the high of the day I suggest a short position as many polls will be published tomorrow.
Stop loss at 1.4723
Take profit at 1.4613

Forex Market News

Dollar/yen is down to ¥102.30 after starting the year above ¥105.

South Africa’s rand at a 5-1/2 year low

The Turkish lira tumbled 1.6% to a record low of 2.3360 per dollar

The ¥103 level looks like a strong resistance –
Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley will support FX derivatives clearing for buyside from launch

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Forex Trading Tips

It’s proved and highly recommended not to trade on Mondays or after holidays, when the market has recently awaken

Respect your stop order and don’t move it “cherishing hopes”

Running two or more open trades gives an option to close some positions earlier and keep others running for higher profits.

Let your position be open for as long as the market wishes to reward you
Don’t allow a couple of losing trades in a row become a snowball of losing trades. When it is obviously not a good day, turn the computer off

Never add positions to a losing trade. Do add positions when the trade has proven to be profitable.

Never risk more than 2-3% of the total trading account

Trend is your friend. Trade with the trend to maximize your chances to succeed.

By moving a stop loss further a trader increases his chances to end up with a much bigger loss.

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