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Myovant Sciences Ltd

Understanding Myovant Sciences Ltd. (MYOV)’s and TG Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:TGTX)’s results

In this article, we review the NASDAQ results for two biotechnology companies, Myovant Sciences Ltd (ticker: MYUOV) and TG Therapeutics Inc (ticker: NASDAQ:TGTX). We will compare their risk, analyst recommendations, profitability, dividends, institutional ownership, earnings and valuation.

Valuation and Earnings

Gross Revenue Price/Sales Ratio Net Income Earnings Per Share Price/Earnigs Ratio
Myovant Sciences Ltd. 15 0.00 N/A -4.08 0.00
TG Therapeutics
7 4207.88 N/A -2.15 0.00

Table 1 showcases the gross revenue, earnings per share and valuation of Myovant Sciences Ltd. and TG Therapeutics Inc.


Table 2 demonstrates the net margins, return on equity and return on assets of Myovant Sciences Ltd. and TG Therapeutics Inc.

Net Margins Return on Equity Return on Assets
Myovant Sciences
0.00% -590.4% -157%
TG Therapeutics
0.00% -308.9% -146.5%


Myovant Sciences Ltd.’s Current Ratio and Quick Ratio are 2.3 and 2.3 respectively. The Current Ratio and Quick Ratio of its competitor TG Therapeutics Inc. are 1.7 and 1.7 respectively. Myovant Sciences Ltd. therefore has a better chance of paying off short and long-term obligations compared to TG Therapeutics Inc.

Analyst Recommendations

The following table given below contains the ratings and recommendations for Myovant Sciences Ltd. and TG Therapeutics Inc.

Sell Ratings Hold Ratings Buy Ratings Rating Score
Sciences Ltd
0 0 2 3.00
Therapeutics Inc.
0 0 2 3.00

The average target price of Myovant Sciences Ltd. is $25.5, with potential upside of 213.27%. Competitively the average target price of TG Therapeutics Inc. is $17.5, which is potential 159.26% upside. The data from earlier shows that analysts opinion suggest that Myovant Sciences Ltd. seems more appealing than TG Therapeutics Inc.

Insider and Institutional Ownership

The shares of both Myovant Sciences Ltd. and TG Therapeutics Inc. are owned by institutional investors at 33.4% and 59% respectively. 56.5% are Myovant Sciences Ltd.’s share held by insiders. On the other hand, insiders held about 0.4% of TG Therapeutics Inc.’s shares.


In this table we provide the Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly and YTD Performance of both pretenders.

Performance (M) Performance (Q) Performance
Performance (Y) Performance
-9.21% -18.18% -59.09% -61.14% -63.47% -56.12%
TG Therapeutics
-2.09% -16.13% -3.85% 72.98% -31.28% 82.68%

For the past year Myovant Sciences Ltd. has -56.12% weaker performance while TG Therapeutics Inc. has 82.68% stronger performance.

About the companies

Myovant Sciences Ltd focuses on women’s health and endocrine disorders. Their leading product is known as ead product is relugolix, an oral, once-daily, small molecule that acts as a gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonist. This is commonly used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding.  is also developing MVT-602, an oligopeptide kisspeptin agonist, for the treatment of female infertility as part of the hormonal preparation used in assisted reproduction.

TG Therapeutics

TG Therapeutics Inc on the other hand focusses on B-cell malignancies and autoimmune diseases, primarily within the United States. It develops TG-1101 (ublituximab), a chimeric, glycoengineered monoclonal antibody that targets an epitope on the CD20 antigen found on the surface of B-lymphocytes developed to aid in the depletion of circulating B-cells; and TG-1101 in combination with TGR-1202 for relapsed/refractory non-HodgkinÂ’s lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The company has license agreements with LFB Biotechnologies S.A.S, GTC Biotherapeutics, LFB/GTC LLC, and Ildong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. for the development and commercialization of TG-1101 (ublituximab); Rhizen Pharmaceuticals, SA for the development and commercialization of TGR-1202; Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated for the development and commercialization of IRAK4 inhibitor technology; Checkpoint Therapeutics, Inc. for the development and commercialization of anti-PD-L1 and anti-GITR antibody research programs; and Jubilant Biosys, a contract research organization, for the development and commercialization of BET inhibitor program. TG Therapeutics, Inc. is headquartered in New York, New York.

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