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kuroda JPY
kuroda JPY

Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Kuroda comments

Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Kuroda comments USDJPY

Central banks can overcome the zero lower bound, as long as the policy maker commits decisively to fulfilling its mandate with well-designed unconventional policy measures

It has become a common understanding among central banks that unconventional monetary policy, despite some lingering skepticism from academic front, has proven to be effective

Inflation is widely perceived to be ultimately a monetary phenomenon, so creation of a massive quantity of money would be a strong signal of a central bank’s commitment to fighting deflation

Monetising govt debt is widely understood to run the risk of eroding the credibility of the central bank and thereby potentially increasing risk premiums rather than reducing them

Central bank’s strong commitment to policy objectives, clear and consistent communication, and decisive action to fulfil the commitment would collectively be powerful enough to have significant impact on inflation

BOJ’s commitment to achieving the 2 percent inflation target will never be compromised

Am confident BOJ can achieve its inflation target with “unwavering determination”

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