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Crypto Powerhouse Samsung Releases World’s First 5G Smartphone With Quantum Tech

Crypto-friendly electronics giant Samsung and SK Telecom have launched the Galaxy A Quantum, available in South Korea. Housing quantum cryptography technology, the new device is the world’s first 5G smartphone with a quantum random number generator (QRNG) chipset.

The chipset, developed by SK Telecom’s Switzerland-based subsidiary ID Quantique, generates random numbers through quantum-crypto technology to create secure keys that can’t be cracked, according to the announcement.

The Galaxy A Quantum, available for pre-order, is slated to go on sale in Korea on May 22nd, marking Samsung’s push into leveraging cryptography to build powerhouse smartphones that can store and help users manage a range of sensitive data.

The release marks the ongoing shift to a digital economy that is fast, mobile, frictionless and unencumbered by physical locations, physical documents, physical certifications, physical currencies and middlemen.

Samsung engineers note that the new quantum tech integration will secure several of the phones’ features.

“The QRNG chipset enhances the security of various applications such as SK Pay, T ID login, and Initial. T ID is used for logging into various online services, including 11th Street, FLO, T Map, T membership, Wavve, Who, and others, and the service is used by over 19 million customers.”

Initial is a blockchain mobile electronic certification service. It allows smartphones users to send personal certifications securely. SK Telecom says it will expand the number of applications and services that can leverage its quantum-powered chipset to enhance security.

Samsung first launched their Blockchain Keystore in March of 2019, allowing consumers to manage and control their digital data and private keys in a push to support blockchain-based platforms and cryptocurrencies. The platform allows crypto enthusiasts to store their holdings directly on their smartphones, initially supporting Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens. Samsung added support for Bitcoin (BTC) on its blockchain-powered smartphones last August.

The crypto-friendly smartphone manufacturer is promoting its latest integration with blockchain network Tron, currently featuring founder Justin Sun on the Samsung Galaxy Store home page.


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Last month, Tron became the first blockchain platform, which powers several gaming applications, to be featured in the Samsung Galaxy Store. Earlier this month the electronics giant announced a partnership with digital currency payment platform Swipe to add a cryptocurrency payment feature to its Samsung Pay wallet.

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