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FinSafe Welcomes the New Kind of Traders

finsafeAlthough the cryptocurrency topic seems to have firmly entrenched in headlines all across the world, the process of working in this market (especially for professional traders from traditional markets) remains somewhat of an experiment and a niche challenge for a few brave ones. However, one team claimed that they have found a way of moving the market closer towards new rules of the game, while also making cryptocurrency trading more attractive for traders with a traditional stock market background. This team is FinSafe – a professional crypto-trading platform which combines best practices and tools from both the traditional and crypto markets.

According to Victor Murga, CEO of FinSafe, to date the crypto-market has successfully survived the time of 100Xs, hopes for quick profits and continuous growth. With full certainty, we can say that we have passed the phase of the Gold Rush and are entering that part of the story where having ordinary luck is no longer enough. If you are a pro trader, you need to work and work hard.

However, while the market itself has already undergone changes, working conditions change very slowly. An average trader is working as if they live in 2016-17: scattered crypto-exchanges, the lack of convenient tools, and the dependence on the movement of the largest whales. On the other hand, traditional markets with established rules and approaches strive and prosper because traders have all the necessary tools for comfortable work. These people have real capital, but entering crypto-markets is simply uncomfortable and inconvenient for them.

FinSafe is here to change the current situation.

Unique Trading Proposition

Victor Murga, CEO of FinSafe
Victor Murga, CEO of FinSafe

Due to several exclusive features, FinSafe proposes a solution radically different from other crypto projects. Firstly, no other solution on crypto market combines trading charts, indicators, cross exchange consolidated order book, smart order routing, market screener, real-time industry newsfeed, multi-screen (monitor) fully customizable layouts, fast order execution, and post-trading analytics. It’s our team’s main goal for the launch. According to the team’s statements, FinSafe is creating a truly unified tool that is equally convenient for both traders within crypto market and professionals from Wall Street. Traders will be working in an environment where the system provides relevant news, analytics, and key data, reducing the need to scour the internet for additional sources of information. Put simply, they will have just one piece of software that will replace everything they have ever used before.

Secondly, FinSafe will help crypto become more solid and credible currency in traditional traders’ eyes. How? Because of its stand-alone software. By connecting directly to the main exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, HitBTC, Poloniex, Kraken, and Bitstamp, and integrating their APIs into FinSafe software, traders would be able to buy and sell their assets without the hassle of logging anywhere else but FinSafe platform. Besides, all operations can be visually monitored, helping traders to react if whales make a run on the market or other significant events that can affect trading profitability occur.

At the moment, FinSafe is focused on working in two areas. First is the development of a whole range of products, which are parts of the platform. For some of them, the company already has fully working MVPs. Others are in the conceptual phase.

The second direction is an SEC license. Once FinSafe has secured it, they will be ready for takeoff. Other licenses for the EU market can be acquired with less difficulty. Workaround will be created for the Asian region and the rest of the world as well.

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