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Can non-bank liquidity providers support fast markets?

Richard-Elston cmc markets

Can non-bank liquidity providers support fast markets eFX industry study highlights lack of consensus view

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How Traders Measure Liquidity

David Lerman, Senior Director of Education at CME Group

By Dave Lerman The investment community usually defines a liquid investment as something that can be easily turned into cash. Selling a house is an example of an illiquid investment.  It could take weeks or months to close on the transaction and receive your money.  Stocks, however, tend to be ...

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Ladder Option An option somewhere between a Lookback (q.v.) and a European Option. A Ladder Call Option has one or more “Rungs” (price levels) above the initial spot level. The Call’s payoff equals the greater of a European Call’s payoff or the excess over Strike of the highest Rung that ...

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