• btcusd

    Bitcoin technical analysis

    Bitcoin is in a clear bullish path and soon will challenge the all time high area at 4921. It looks like the Catalonian leader speech add more confidence to the buyers, and sent the cryptocurrency to new daily highs. Bitcoin is trading above the 50 day moving average and after today’s run gives a clear ...

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  • $eurusd 104

    Forex Technical analysis week: 9-13 October 2017

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December, 2017

November, 2017

  • 9 November

    Investing in BitConnect

    Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that can be used for some online money transfers and purchases and a few offline purchases. Bitcoin is the most noteworthy cryptocurrency, but it is the only in this new frontier. The cryptocurrency markets is a confusing system, in which you find thousands of chances to ...

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October, 2017

  • 10 October

    Bitcoin technical analysis


    Bitcoin is in a clear bullish path and soon will challenge the all time high area at 4921. It looks like the Catalonian leader speech add more confidence to the buyers, and sent the cryptocurrency to new daily highs. Bitcoin is trading above the 50 day moving average and after ...

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  • 4 October

    Forex Technical analysis week: 9-13 October 2017

    $eurusd 104

    Forex Technical analysis week: 9-13 October 2017 10-12-2017 GBPUSD regains bullish momentum breaking above the 50 hour moving average and also breaking above the 50 daily moving average after rumors that EU may offer UK a 2 year transition period, stay long as the pair is trading above 1.32 10-11-2017 ...

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September, 2017

  • 19 September

    Russian war helicopter fires on spectators

    Russian helicopter

    Russian war helicopter fires on spectators Two people were hospitalized with serious injuries after a helicopter accidentally fired on bystanders at the Zapad 2017 military exercises, the online news portal 66.ru cited a source as saying on Tuesday. The week-long drills in Western Russia and neighboring Belarus kicked off last week, with around 13,000 troops, hundreds of tanks, aircraft, warships ...

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  • 7 September

    Trading tips

    The most important is the long term trend, closely followed by the recent price action and picking your entry.   Don’t let trading consume you. You can lose just as much money by trying too hard as trying too little.   Hard work is key but quality work is even ...

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  • 6 September

    Smart trading tips

    Remember that forex trends can continue for a long time, even if fundamentals start to change.   A good broker will always oŽer a variety of Deposit & Withdrawal methods, including localized solutions.   Complex trading strategies cause confusion and frustration. You will make less mistakes if you stick to ...

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  • 5 September

    Forex tips and ideas

    Traders often fail because they don’t learn from mistakes. Keep a diary of trades to discover what works and what doesn’t.   Setting limit orders and stop/loss orders takes emotion out of the equation and ensures trading discipline.   Trade small amounts when you are a beginner. Grow your account ...

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August, 2017

  • 8 August

    Best Forex Offers by the-forex-way.com


    The-forex-way.com offer individually tailored Forex broker offers for specific trader types with optional complementary service providers. The conditions are exclusive and unique on the market. We promote only the handpicked and chosen prime partner offers and do not advertise a confusing amount of competitors. The-forex-way.com team is convinced that our preselected prime Forex ...

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July, 2017

  • 18 July

    24option review

    24option REVIEW

    24option review 24option is providing an intuitive trading platform designed with the latest technological advancements that’s geared towards new traders as well as professionals. The company place great emphasis on education, providing a well-rounded library of V.O.D. seminars, webinars, daily news, analysis and more. The customer service and support is ...

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June, 2017

  • 27 June

    Gold Technical Analysis 10-15 July 2017

    Gold technical analysis

    Gold Technical Analysis 10 July 2017 Gold is under pressure for one more day and the bearish trend that started on June 6th is intact and now the precious metal is targeting the psychological 1200 level. Gold Technical Analysis 07 July 2017 Gold is the worst performer of the day ...

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  • 19 June

    Forex Technical analysis week: 17-21 July 2017

    Forex technical analysis

    USDJPY Technical analysis July-19-2017 USDJPY is under selling pressure today and sellers now are in full control as the pair broke below the 50d MA and 100d MA and now it is targeting the 111.21 level, meanwhile USD is weak across the board. AUDUSD Technical analysis July-12-2017 AUDUSD made an ...

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  • 9 June

    Magnum opus: Humanity at crossroads

    Every production phase or civilization or other human invention goes through a so called transformation process. Transitions are social transformation processes that cover at least one generation. In this article I will use one such transition to demonstrate that humanity is at a crossroads: up to a third world war ...

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  • 2 June

    How to create my own Virtual Bank?

    Creating a Virtual Financial Institution could be very fascinating, since every single day there are hundreds of thousands of truncations that may profit you. Think about having 1000 transactions per day and making $25 for every wire, like most banks? That you just give about $500,000 month-to-month that may be ...

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  • 2 June

    Central banks launch forex market code of conduct

    Regulators and leading financial firms launched a new code of conduct for global currency trading on Thursday, including measures aimed at ensuring its universal adoption by the world’s major financial institutions. The code is a central element of the foreign exchange industry’s response to the charges of market manipulation and ...

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