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Submit your Crowdfunding Press Release

Submit your Crowdfunding Press Release

One of the key issues to run a successful crowdfunding campaign is the ability to get your message out to a large, influential audience of potential supporters and funders. An effective way to push your crowdfunding campaign is through a well-written crowdfunding press release.

If you’re not familiar with that, a press release is a document written for the press and media by a company or an organization that usually conveys official information which the news outlets can use to report on. 

Most of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of the last years have relied on a professional press release campaign that involves press releases sent out to newspapers, journalists, media, social media influencers and any kind of bloggers. A single, well-positioned press release can be the difference between meeting a campaign’s fundraising goals or not.

A press release is meant to convey your story in an easy-to-understand format so that interested journalists can reach out to you for more details. It’s helping the reporter or a blogger to see why your story will get interest if they take the time publish it.

Crowdfunding press releases are a key feature of the crowdfunding marketing because they can be easily written and distributed to a large audience. The problem with a lot of crowdfunding press releases, especially those written by crowdfunding consultants, is that they are too generic and don’t really offer anything to bloggers.

Media outlets receive so many press releases during the working day that even an attractive title and product or service may not be enough to attract their attention. Crowdfunders get a lot more traction for their funding press release if the media recipients recognize their name on the email. This means building a strong relationship up to a month before the campaign by reading their work, commenting and sharing across the major social media.

Once you’ve written your crowdfunding press release, it’s time to publish a version of it on your website or blog. It’s best to do this before sending it out to bloggers, journalists, magazines, and newspapers as it will make your press release easy to access.

You can also email your press release to relevant organizations, foundations, and corporations you’ve partnered with in the past.

The more places you can spread your press release the better chance you’ll have of reaching interested supporters. You can post your crowdfunding press release here.

Don’t forget to include social media in your promotion as well. Link to the articles that cover your campaign and include the URL to your crowdfunding page. That way, donors get a chance to learn more about your fundraising campaign and can easily donate if they want to support it.