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SWOT Analysis for Twitter (TWTR)

SWOT Analysis for Twitter (TWTR)

Twitter Strengths

• Real-time search.
• One of the world’s most visited websites. 500 million registered users.
• Companies use Twitter for marketing and customer service.
• Strong increase in revenues.
• Twitter is patterned after the most innovative technology, as it has revenues from ads on smartphones and tablets.
• It provides the potential to its users to follow stocks.
• Free use and convenience in setting up an account.
• It offers its customers the potential to share content.
• Improvement of the liability of its services.
• Twitter functions as a competitor to other media outlets (newspapers) and as a complement to others (live TV commenting system).
• Strong owners.
• A good brand image in market for credible celebrity accounts.
• One of the early market entrants.
• Fast and concise updates enabled.
• Highly preferred by organizations and celebrities for business or publicity purpose.
• A strong brand name and a popular mascot.
• Great platforms to interact with their customers.


Twitter Weaknesses

• Unequal distribution of tweets.
• Unable to innovate to offer newer features.
• Limited scope of expansion.
• Spam.
• Large amount of tweets related to a company. The company sorts out the tweets it receives with difficulty.
• Not all conversations on Twitter are serious.
• Not profitable, because they have a huge research budget.
• Slower growth lately.
• Weak ads algorithms.


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